Elemis BIOTEC delivers 7 NEW highly-effective, super-charged facial treatments to re-boot cellular performance, enhancing the skin's ability to repair, renew and re-tone. Revealing a new generation of facials, each treatment targets specific skin needs to deliver immediate, visible, long-lasting results. The skin's unique bio-chemistry is constantly compromised. Lifestyle, sunlight, stress, age, illness and medication cause a breakdown in cellular energy and communication, resulting in a weakened skin structure, stressed and unbalanced skin. Unresponsive cells need NEW STIMULI to help re-boot cellular performance and re-establish effective cell communication, enhancing the skin's ability to repair, renew and re-tone. After in-depth studies and research, Elemis found that combining a unique synergy of 3 targeted STIMULI - TOUCH, TECHNOLOGY and ACTIVES - it was possible to deliver immediate, visible and longer-lasting results.

Triple-tec Anti-Wrinkle Facial

The ultimate wrinkle-smoothing facial to rejuvenate ageing skin.
Face and eyes are targeted with the anti-ageing benefits of the Lines & Wrinkles Activator,
 an intensive complex of Padina Pavonica, African Birch Bark and Tripeptides. Microcurrent pulses lift and firm the skin, boosting collagen production, whilst light therapy and O2 Infusion help plump and smooth away visible lines and wrinkles.

 Micro Firm-a-Lift Facial

Super-lift facial to help firm and tighten cheeks, neck and jaw line
Skin is infused and stimulated by the contouring benefits of the
Lift Effect Activator, rich in revolutionary plant stem cells, Alaria Esculenta seaweed and Lupin. Galvanic current propels the bio-active formulas deeper into the skin, whilst microcurrent pulses dramatically lift and firm the sagging jowl area.

Sonic Skin-Resurfacing Facial

Revolutionary resurfacing facial to even skin tone, reduce blemish marks and smooth fine lines.
Delivers a high-tech double peel with the 
Resurfacing Activator, infused with concentrated lactic and hyaluronic acid to help boost cell turnover. Ultrasonic peeling,steam and light therapy reveal a skin that is noticeably smoother and a more even tone, whilst minimising the appearance of blemish marks and fine lines.

Sonic Skin-Radiance Facial

Radiance-boosting, bio-electric facial to energise tired, dull and stressed skin.
Target tired face and eyes with the brightening 
Radiance Activator, rich in anti-oxidants, hyaluronic acid and peptides. Ultrasonic vibrations draw impurities to the surface and exfoliate, whilst galvanic current with elderberry and orange flower extract re-energise and restore vital moisture.  Skin appears more radiant and luminous, whilst helping reduce dark circles around the eyes.

L.E.D. Blemish Control Facial

Deep cleansing, light therapy facial to visibly clear and re-balance oily, blemish prone skin.
Reduce breakouts and clear pores.
Anti-Blemish Activator rich in anti-oxidants Rosalina, Lavender and Sweet Marjoram with a powerful combination of ultrasonic peeling, galvanic current and steam deeply cleanse exfoliate and re-balance an oily, congested skin. Clinically proven light therapy helps repair and reduce inflammation. Pore size is visibly reduced and the complexion clearer.

O2 Sensitive Skin Soothing Facial

De-sensitising anti-redness facial, to sooth and calm a delicate skin 
Sensitivity and high colour are reduced with the extra-soothing properties of the
Sensitive Activator. Rich in Allantoin, Willowherb and Frankincense it works in harmony with oxygen infusion and light therapy to deliver essential nutrients to the skin. Restoring balance and vital moisture levels, redness is visibly reduced and skin  immediately comforted.

Super-Charge Facial for Men

High performance facial for men to de-grease, de-age and calm a stressed, dehydrated skin
Energise the skin with a complex formulation to firm, de-age and hydrate the skin, rich in Kalpariane Allantoin, and Salicornia. Whilst a powerful trio of steam, ultrasonic peeling and galvanic current deep clean, exfoliate and power-up the high-potency plant actives to help reduce all visible signs of ageing.

For best results a course of 6 - 60 minute treatments every 3 weeks and a course of 10 every 3 weeks for Micro-Firm-A-Lift is recommended - 30 minute treatments are great for a taster facial or as a boost after the course is compete.

60 Minutes at £60 or £330 for Course of 6 Paid in Advance

Micro-Firm-A-Lift Course of 10 at £550 Paid in Advance

30 Minute Booster Facial at £30


drop-ultrasonicThe Ultrasonic spatula uses a highly effective Piezoelectric current causing 27,000 vibrations per second through a quartz/ceramic head - drawing out impurities, deep cleansing and gently exfoliating surface impurities and pigmentation. Whilst stimulating collagen production to minimise the appearance of fine lines and accelerate blood and lymphatic circulation to aid the healing process.

drop-microcurrent-liftMicrocurrent is the only aesthetic technology that can physically firm and tone the skin, using small pulses of microcurrent – direct to the belly of the muscle. Each pulse mirrors the body’s own natural current, stimulating the skin’s biological energy to re-educate and strengthen muscle memory for significantly firmer, more defined facial contours. Improving production of collagen elastin, whilst also stimulating the micro-circulation to encourage the healing process, improving scarring, sun-damage, pigmentation, and blemishes.

drop-galvanicGalvanic is a two-step treatment that works synergistically with positive and negative charged ions to propel similarly charged, high-potency actives deeper into the skin. Minimising the symptoms of ageing bought on by stress and tiredness – fine lines, dullness, photo-ageing, sensitivity and blemishes. Step 1 - combines negatively charge ions and actives, resulting in them repelling one another, causing them to force out impurities and deep cleanse the skin. Step 2 - both positive and negative ions are applied to the skin to stimulate and redistribute the skin’s natural energy, instantly rejuvenating.

drop-oxygenO2 Infusion therapy uses powerful bursts of compressed air to infuse the skin with a combination of 95% pure oxygen and selected high-potency actives to help visibly plump out fine lines and increase skin firmness. Whilst helping restore elasticity, stimulate tissue repair, heal and rebalance the skin the O2 infusion delivers a refreshed, radiant and healthier looking skin.

drop-lightLight Therapy emits energy in the form of red or blue light into the deeper layers of the skin. Light energy is found in every nerve, cell, gland and muscle of the body and each emits its own unique frequency vibration. The specific light wavelengths have a bio stimulatory action on the cells to normalise and rebalance the skin. Red Light – stimulates collagen production, increasing cell renewal and boosting the mirco-circulation to plump and smooth the appearance of fine lines leaving skin feel firmer and tighter Blue Light - delivers a powerful anti-bacterial effect to minimise skin- bacteria. It will soothe and calm, whilst reducing redness with is anti-inflammatory properties.